Although she is based at The Guildhall in London, while in the United States, Patsy Rodenburg teaches exclusively at Michael Howard Studios in New York City.  For more information on her classes and Michael Howard Studios, visit


    with Patsy Rodenburg



Michael Howard Studios

January, 2019

THE RIGHT TO SPEAK:  January 14th - 16th

9 am - 6 pm daily


This three-day workshop will guide you to rediscover your powerful and free natural voice. The focus of this workshop is attention to the actor’s craft, which will enable you to understand and correct habits that can inhibit your fundamental ability to communicate.

Patsy will guide you through an intensive introduction to centered body and breath as well as her innovative Second Circle Presence work, all culminating in a dynamic engagement with Shakespeare’s language and form.

Headshot/Resume Submission required for consideration.

SPEAKING SHAKESPEARE: January 17th - 19th

9 am - 6 pm daily


This three-day workshop will introduce you to the Second Circle (Presence) and will build this aspect of the craft within your voice and speech.

Patsy will help each actor find a method for themselves to apply her Second Circle work into Shakespeare’s text. By understanding how Shakespeare’s forms release meaning and content, and how this language creates character and emotional depth, the actor can find the passion and power in thoughts, feelings, and actions.

In essence, Patsy will help you discover that great text moves and breathes you.

SECOND CIRCLE: January 20th - 22nd

9 am - 6 pm daily


This all-new, three-day workshop will empower your deep connection of Presence within yourself and the Ensemble.

Patsy will help you learn how to hold the space, text, and audience in Second Circle and apply this process to a Shakespearean play. You will release the power needed to serve and own great and complex plays. The Ensemble will support you in this release and facilitate the exploration of your own process for Second Circle Presence.

Headshot/Resume Submission required for consideration.



Friday, November 16 - Sunday, November 18, 2018

£800 + VAT (not including travel or accommodation, including lunch each days.)


Patsy Rodenburg’s intensive 3-day course on voice, presence and ethical leadership is based around her extensive knowledge of classical texts. The aim of the course is to engage in not only connected speech and presence, but to provoke meaningful debate on the good use of power (a concept which lies at the heart of all Classical Greek and Shakespearean text) and to reflect upon how these principles should be applied today. As every actor will tell you, to speak a classical text with conviction requires the highest level of technical skill as well as a superbly disciplined mind that can own the structures of rhetoric and vivid, personal language. Participants can expect to begin to master the ability to inspire and move any audience through the spoken word, and in this way, learn how to become a more effective communicator and leader.

Day 1:  Voice (body breath voice & speech); Presence work; Formal presentation. At the end of the day you are given a relevant excerpt/speech of Shakespeare to work on.

Day 2. Language & Structure. You will examine the speech and practise techniques to own and realise the text; Structure & sequence work; Storytelling; Imaginative/imagery & creative work to own the words; Rhythm/pace; Individual work to own one thought.

Day 3. Each participant works with PR on their speech; Masterclass; Moral debate on the issues of language and text

To register, email us at or call is at 212-645-1525


Friday, June 1 - Sunday, June 3, 2018

£900 + VAT (not including travel or accommodation, including lunch for both days.)


The course is designed for particpants who have previously attended a workshop in Portugal with Patsy.

The Advanced Workshop will:

-Intensify Presence work- to build a powerful ensemble

-Stretch the voice, its range, and clarity of diction and flow of speech

-Work on Speaking and thinking simultaneously. Being in the moment.

-There will be a deeper exploration of rhetoric. The forms and concrete language that humanize our experiences.

Participants will do the above by actively presenting a Shakespeare play.

To register, email us at or call is at 212-645-1525